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Cantilever Racking

Safe and organised storage for bulky, irregular sized loads

Cantilever racking is the perfect solution for storing long, bulky and irregular sized items. The system is extremely adaptable and can be designed for carrying light or heavy duty loads.

Cantilever columns are manufactured from hot rolled steel sections in a single or double sided configuration depending on your requirement. The supporting arms fix to the face of the column and can be adjusted incrementally in height should your product change in the future.

Simple to use with no intermediate framework, cantilever racking will reduce handling time while allowing long loads to be accessed with ease. A cantilever racking system can also be used for storing palletised products with the addition of support bars between the arms.  

With such a robust construction cantilever racking is ideal for supporting heavy duty loads and is commonly used for the storage of steel sections, timber products, aluminium extrusion and end of life vehicles.

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